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Medical massage is a new development in the branch of massage. However, it differs from conventional massage practice in that doctors recommend it for its healing properties. At Chris Scott Wellness, we use medical massage to reduce pain, address discomfort, and heal injuries in patients, as they continue to use medications. We target dysfunctional areas in the soft tissues that lie deep in the body, and our patients are mostly patients recovering from surgery and injuries.

Medical massage is classified depending on the techniques applied. The bodywork therapies are a mixture of complex holistic practices that touch on emotional, physical, and spiritual factors. As a result, there are numerous techniques applied, all of which treat various needs and provide different benefits. Your doctor will tell you the best type of medical massage technique for you depending on what you are recovering from, and the type of management required.

What Is Medical Massage?

Unlike the sort of massage you’d receive at a spa, medical massage is a clinical, highly-specialized form of massage meant to offer more than relaxation. Medical massage is part of a larger therapy regimen, and the specific modalities used by our practitioners will depend on your individual needs.

Below are some of the types of massage that are to our clients at Chris Scott Wellness:

Treatment Rates

Medical Massage & Myofascial Stretch Therapy Treatment

Insurance patients pay copay the day of service. No insurance, no problem! Call and ask about our cash rates starting at $40.00

Sports massage: athletes and sports people frequently suffer muscle injuries and strains. Sports massage is the technique that combines petrissage and effleurage techniques to allow free blood circulation between the injured muscles and the heart for faster muscle recovery. At Chris Scott Wellness, we understand that sports massage can cause more damage if done the wrong way, and hence we always strive to ensure that it is done as per the doctor’s recommendation.


Couples massage: we have provision for couple’s massage where people who wish to undergo therapeutic massage for stress management can have their massage session side by side. As the body relaxes, they can also deal with the emotional or psychological issues causing a strain on their relationship.


Deep tissue massage: if you have deep muscle and tissue pain, we will apply the deep tissue massage therapy to deal with the pain. The technique entails the use of slow strokes and friction across the muscles. It addresses painful muscles, chronic postural problems, and repetitive strain. The pressure applied is more intense than that of other medical techniques.


Temporal mandibular joint treatment: if you undergo a dental procedure that leaves you with sore jaws, visit us for temporary mandibular joint treatment. The technique applies point release, muscle stripping, and kneading to relieve pain without necessarily having to use pharmacological interventions.


Prenatal massage: pregnant mothers experience a lot of changes in their bodies, which can cause a lot of discomforts and sometimes, pain. Prenatal massage is customized to help the mother relax, and get relief for backache and swollen legs without using medications.


Swedish massage: we combine five basic strokes mainly effleurage, petridage, friction, vibration, and tapotement. In other words, there are long strokes, kneading, wringing, rocking, and percussion movements. The Swedish massage is ideal for full body relaxation for someone recovering from injuries.


Myofascial release massage: it is an alternative massage therapy that improves skeletal muscle conditions by enhancing mobility and relieving pain. The treatment improves lymphatic and blood circulation, while enabling the muscles to stretch in reflex. It applies gentle pressure, and the technique is ideal for patients who have lost their mobility.


Stress-less massage: for patients recovering from or undergoing treatment for anxiety and depression, insomnia, stress, and chronic headaches, stress-less massage is the technique for them. It helps shake off stress by assisting the body in refocusing its energy for useful purposes. For more effectiveness, the method combines aromatherapy which is the use of essential oils which are either absorbed through the skin or inhaled to help the muscles relax.


Medical massage combined with regular exercises and healthy diets help speed up the recovery process. Visit us at Chris Scott Wellness, and we will help aid your recovery through medical massage techniques.

Our Practitioners

At Chris Scott Wellness, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, effective pain relief, and we couldn’t do it without our excellent team of practitioners.

Holli Burkhart

Holli Burkhart graduated in 2007 from Northern Prairie School of Massage and Bodywork in Sycamore, Illinois.

For the past 11 years, Holli has worked to provide her clients with pain relief and increased quality of life through physical therapy and medical massage for rehabilitation, and she is also skilled in providing relaxing Swedish massage.

Are you pregnant and struggling with aches and pains, unable to get comfortable or fall asleep at night? Holli is also certified in pregnancy massage!

Some of the treatment modalities Holli uses include ESM, ultrasound, and combination therapy.


Jennifer Carrig

Jennifer Carrig graduated from The Institute of Beauty and Wellness in 2004 and spent several years working in spa settings.

She began working alongside Chiropractors in 2012, and joined our team of professionals at Chris Scott Wellness in 2017.

Jennifer specializes in myofascial therapy, as well as medical massage.


Nicholas Opengo

Nicholas Opengo Graduated from Rockford Career college in 2017. nick aims to alleviate pain in a natural way thru manual therapies, body work, and other holistic modalities ,focused on health, wellness, nutrition, and overall well being. driven by motivation to help those who have ran out of therapeutic and rehabilitation options.

Nicholas specializes in Myofascial Release and Medical Massage