The Experience: A Better Point of View


I had worked out for about 20 years before beginning my experience with Chris Scott. I quickly realized, once starting my program with Chris, that I was missing many many key elements to my personal exercise regimen.

My first new experience was learning that my body would actually respond better to a routine that involved more body weight training. I also learned how to be more productive at the gym, spending less wasted time, and started getting the most out of our 45-minute workouts.

I learned more about my body and its abilities in 1 month with Chris than I had learned in the previous 40 years of my life. One of the most important lessons was that I needed to be putting better “ingredients” in me. So, with Chris help we developed a nutritional program to go along with our physical training program. Wow, did the results ever come fast when we combined those two critical elements.

Now, I had physical and nutritional program and the results were both easy to see, and easy to feel. However, the third part of the experience was the mental part. There are other physical trainers, but I cannot imagine that they could come close to competing with Chris on an intuitive level.

I am a single Father and a business owner, so it is difficult to have the same passion and energy everyday when I come to the gym. Chris is able to quickly and accurately assess what my body is telling me that I can do on any given day. Chris’s ability to work with me on that mental level means he can adjust the workout to fit not only what my body needs, but what my mind does, and that is by far the most valuable of the many assets that Chris brings to the table.

Physical, nutritional and mental success are all part of the Chris Scott Experience, and that experience has changed me forever!